Hahnel Ultima Plus Sony Digital Camera Battery Charger

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  • UK / EU / US Plugs
  • Plug-in 12v DC Car Adapter
  • USB Device Charger

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  • Featuring the latest in
    fast charge technology
    Fast charging time of 1-2 hours depending
    on battery capacity.
    Automated variable charge current,
    depending on battery model, for safe and
    efficient charging.
    Sophisticated 3-stage constant
    current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge
    programme with soft start,
    fast-charge and top-up
    maintenance charge.
    Temperature control, preventing
    overheating and giving battery protection.
    Your universal travel
    100-240V universal voltage for
    worldwide use.
    Direct plug-in charger with foldable
    US mains plug and, (depending on
    model), with slide on Euro and UK plug.
    A mobile solution – 12V car lead
    for use in car, boat or caravan 100-240V.
    For cameras tied up while recharging the battery
    with docking station or on-board charge, the
    PowerStation ULTIMA is the perfect alternative –
    releasing the camera from charging, allowing
    further use.
    USB Power Source
    USB port allowing you to charge
    any product with a USB charging
    For all practically devices with
    USB power input iPhone, iPod,
    PDA, Game Console and many

  • Charges The Following Sony Li-Ion Digital Camera Batteries
  • NP-F530/F550/F570/FM500H, NP-FM50, NP-FM55H, NP-BG1/FG1, NP-BK1
    NP-FD1/BD1, NP-BX1, NP-FW50, NP-FT1

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