Hama Variable Neutral-Density Filter 62mm

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  • Variable Neutral Density
  • Rotating Front Ring
  • +1 to +8 Exposure Stops
  • Slim Metal Ring

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- Variable filter for specific reduction of the amount of light
- Suitable for lenses/zoom lenses with a filter thread
- For digital/analogue photo, system and video cameras
- Is also a UV filter 
- Rotary mount for individual adjustment
- Possibility to lengthen the exposure time between +1 and +8 (ND2-400) aperture stops 
Coating : one layer on each side
- Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens glass

Impact on the pictures:
- Allows large apertures e.g. when shooting portraits when it is extremely bright: due to a blurred background the photographed person is clearly visible in the foreground
- Due to long exposure times flowing water gets "soft"
- Creates an impressionistic flair in poor light conditions

Note for Consumers:
To avoid vignetting, this filter has a superstructure of the front lens, i.e. the diameter of the front lens is larger than that of the rear lens. Please note that a lens cap with 67 mm is thus required.

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