Joby 3-Way Camera Strap

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  • 3-Way Camera Strap
  • Suitable for
  • DSLR, CSC or Bridge

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Joby 3-Way Camera Strap

Wrist Size Adjustor 
Tighten the strap against your wrist for added comfort and to prevent bumps and bounces

Metal Internal Components
Engineered to be durable and dependable

Lock Mechanism to Customize Length 
Allows you to lock the strap at any length for maximum comfort

Hyper-Strong Dyneema® Cording 
Lightweight, and renowned as the World's Strongest Fiber

UltraFit Layered-Pad Technology
Merges four fabrics to create a strap pad that is lightweight and still evenly distributes the weight of a DSLR or CSC

JOBY designed the patent-pending 3-Way Camera Strap to offer photographers a versatile and portable solution with three wearing modes: wrist, neck and shoulder. A convenient alternative to wrapping a neck/shoulder strap around the wrist, this compact strap allows shooters to minimize muscle fatigue with multiple ways to support the weight of the camera. The 3-Way Camera Strap™ allows quick access to impromptu shots in wrist mode or a hands-free option to change lenses in neck/shoulder mode. The breakthrough design uses retractable Dyneema® cord (providing up to 90 pounds or 40.8 kilograms of tensile strength) to adjust the strap length and secure the camera in place.

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