Sony AG-R2 Grip for RX-Series

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  • Compatible With
  • RX-100 & RX-10MKII
  • RX-100MKIII

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  • Improves your grip for more stable shots
  • Attaches easily for a secure fit
  • Resists marks with a durable elastomer design
    • Take a firm hold of your camera

      Keep everything still and capture shots with less shake and more detail

    • Shoot single-handed

      With a more secure grip, you’ll find it easier to take photos with one hand including spur-of-the-moment self portraits

    • Made to match your RX100M3

      Designed in black to complement your camera for a totally integrated look

    • Attaches in seconds

      Simply remove the protective paper, align with your camera and press for a secure, stable fit

    • Resists marks and scratches

      Camera cannot be stored in the optional LCJ-RXF Jacket Case with the AG-R2 grip attachment.

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