USED! Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 Film Lens

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Item is in mint condition showing no signs of use from previous people. A six month warranty is provided.

The canon 28mm FD Lens is the perfect wide angle prime for anyone's camera bag. The sharp F/2.8 lens has brilliant versatility from street phootgraphy to portraiture. With group portraits, a lens like the FD 28mm when used with imagination can mean a truly pleasing picture. You can move in close enough for facial detail and at the same time have sufficient pictorial coverage. And, giving some consideration to the subject's surroundings, the use depth of field to control the zone of sharpness at the sides and behind the main subject. Those who has faced the experience during a round table dinner function will appreciate more of its slightly broader coverage. Perhaps the only thing that you may want to take note of is sometimes the people or objects at the extreme two edges of the picture frame may be slightly distorted if the working distance is too close.

Another significant advantage of the 28mm focal length lenses is, all Canon Speedlites are designed to cover the field of view of a 35mm or longer lens. However, with the addition of their respective adapters, the Speedlites 277T and 188A cover the field of view of the 28mm lens. The Speedlite 199A with its wide adapter attached can be used with lenses down to 24mm in focal lengths. Using their respective adapters, the Speedlites 533G and 577G can even cover 20mm field of view. The combination of a Canon Speedlite 188A, 199A, 277T, 533G or 577G and a 28mm lens can be extremely valuable, providing good exposure and sufficient coverage.

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